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The wrap up post for T-SQL Tuesday #120. 9 bloggers contributed this month.

In this month’s T-SQL Tuesday, I want to know about things that you have seen someone do in SQL Server that has left you wonder “What were you thinking?”

You can now run SQL Server on Linux. With it being easy to install / update, and running exactly the same as in Windows, it is my choice for presentations.

  There’s a lot that goes on in June. From the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Fathers Day, to the official start of summer (though it feels like it already!). Today is even the National Corn on the Cob day. But perhaps the most important day in that, being that today is the 2nd Tuesday in […]

In this T-SQL Tuesday post, I answer Andy Leonards question of “Why do you do what you do”? It comes down to I automate what I can so that I can be lazy.

From a DBA’s perspective, automation is something that is absolutely necessary. This post shows just a few areas where I use automation in my life.

Influence Somebody Ahh, December. What a wonderful time. Snow all around (many along the eastern seaboard of the United States were hit Sunday by a snowstorm… I had 7″ of that wonderful white flakey stuff myself). There’s a holiday for everyone, whether it’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, or something else. Offices are throwing parties […]

A wrapup of TSQL-Tuesday #105, where we talked about overcoming brick walls

In this T-SQL Tuesday installment, I want to know about a brick wall that you have run up against, and how you handled it.

In this brave, new world of Extended Events (XE, XEvents), I find myself with a mixture of scripts for troubleshooting issues – some use XE, and some use traces. We’ve all been told that XE is a much better system (it is much more lightweight, causing less of an issue with the server). In fact, […]

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