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In my recent blog post on “Retiring of the MCM Certifications”, there is a link to a Microsoft Connect item that Jen Stirrup started (//connect.microsoft.com/SQLServer/feedback/details/799431/please-dont-get-rid-of-the-mcm-and-mca-programs) to keep the MCM/MCSM/MCA program alive. A few hours after my post, Tim Sneath from Microsoft responded to the Connect item. I want to respond to a few parts of […]

The MCM is dead. Long live the MCM. The small, exclusive club of SQL Server Microsoft Certified Masters is going to remain small and exclusive. This club, with less than 200 members world-wide, includes some of the biggest and brightest names in the SQL Server community. And Microsoft has decided to throw this program to […]

We all have a bucket list – that list of things that we want to accomplish before one, well, kicks the bucket. Perhaps you want to ski the Swiss Alps. Learn a foreign language. Learn to play a musical instrument. Surf the Hawaiian swells. Visit far-away places. Get romanced by a Frenchman in Paris (which […]

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