T-SQL Tuesday Letter to 20-year-old self


There’s a lot that goes on in June. From the 75th anniversary of D-Day, Fathers Day, to the official start of summer (though it feels like it already!). Today is even the National Corn on the Cob day. But perhaps the most important day in that, being that today is the 2nd Tuesday in the month, it is time for another rousing T-SQL Tuesday. The T-SQL Tuesday is hosted this month by Mohammad Darab (b|t) and he wants us to:

Write your 20 year old self a letter. If you could go back in time and give yourself advice, what would it be?

Simple enough. Well, here goes:

Letter to 20-year-old self

Dear 20-year-old Wayne,

You may not know anything about me, but I know everything about you. Because… I’m you in the future. This letter is to let you know of things that I’ve (we’ve) done, that I wish had been done differently.

First, you’re about get married, have children, and join the Navy. This is all great… but remember to spend as much time as you can with your children. The Navy will demand a lot of your time, but always spend what you can with your children. This is the #1 thing that your future self regrets not having done. 

Secondly, in January 1988, two companies named “Microsoft” and “Ashton-Tate” announce that they are going to be working on a product called “Microsoft SQL Server 1.0”, which will be released in May, 1989. Learn everything that you can about it. Who knows? Maybe you will become a master at it.

Third, invest whatever you can in Microsoft, Apple, M&T Bank, Intel and Google. You may not know what they are right now (and they might not even exist right now), but trust me on this one.

Fourth, the Y2K bug turns out to not be as impactful as you will think it will be. All those preparations that you will be doing won’t be necessary.

The much-older-and-wiser Wayne