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Late last year, my life got strange. Well, it’s always been strange, so let’s just say it became stranger than normal. I started working on a project with a few folks, and that scarce commodity known as time became even more scarce to me. Things that I’ve been trying to do (get more involved on […]

Next up on the SQL Server 2012 Performance testing circuit: Gap Detection. You know, where you find missing values from a table of sequential numbers. SQL Server 2012 introduces the LEAD function, which I’ve previously blogged about here. In that blog post, I covered how to do Gap Detection using the LEAD function. Now, it’s […]

This month, T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Nigel Sammy. Since the RTM of SQL Server 2012 just occurred, he wants to know: “What do you think is a useful feature of SQL Server 2012?” Well, if you’ve been following my blog, then this should not be much of a surprise to you. My #1 […]

SQL Server 2012 introduces several new date/time functions that allow you to build a date/time from the individual parts of a date/time value. As I was experimenting with them, I was thinking that this is pretty neat, and bound to be very useful. And then I started wondering how well it performed. Before I had […]

Actually, I only submitted the winning entry; Denali CTP3 SQL Server 2012 is the real winner. After having a blog posted here recently about running totals performance in Denali CTP3 SQL Server 2012, I happened to run across this T-SQL Challenge for doing running totals. On a lark, I posted a Denali CTP3 SQL Server […]

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