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Exploring how a parent-child relationship was implemented by a third-party software vendor improperly.

The Richmond SQL Server User Group, located in Richmond, VA, is looking for speakers for the 2019 calendar year. Due to limited bandwidth at our venue, we prefer in-person presenters. We currently have openings for the following dates (meetings start at 6:30pm): January 10, 2019 February 14, 2019 May 9, 2019 June 13, 2019 July […]

A wrapup of TSQL-Tuesday #105, where we talked about overcoming brick walls

In this T-SQL Tuesday installment, I want to know about a brick wall that you have run up against, and how you handled it.

Understanding the relationship between statistics, indexes and constraints in SQL Server. What meaning does stats_id of 1 mean?

After you’ve messed up all of the configuration settings in SSMS affecting windows, how to you fix things? Read on for how to reset the window layout!

New SQL blogger Jamie Wick

Performance testing various methods for removing the time element from the datetime data type. While they all execute quickly, one method is faster than the others.

It used to be hard to remove an old server from the SSMS connection dialog. Now, it’s easy-peasy. This blog post shows you how to perform this frequently needed action.

A batch separator is used by client tools to break up a script into batches that are sent to SQL. Learn how to work with them (and even change them) to be more productive.

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