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SQL Server 2012 introduces several new date/time functions that allow you to build a date/time from the individual parts of a date/time value. As I was experimenting with them, I was thinking that this is pretty neat, and bound to be very useful. And then I started wondering how well it performed. Before I had […]

Table-Valued Functions. What a wonderful addition to SQL they make. They take parameters, do some work, and return a result set that can be used in queries. You can select directly against them, or utilize them with the APPLY operator. These are truly versatile additions to SQL -and since you can pass parameters to them, […]

One of the things that I’m the most excited about in “Denali” CTP3 is the enhancements to the OVER clause. One of the things that I’m particular excited about is the addition of the ROWS/RANGE clause support. And one of the reasons that I’m excited about this is that this provides a supported, documented (in […]

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