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Murder They Wrote!

by Jason Brimhall and Wayne Sheffield
A Review of database design and coding implementations and how they can be murder on SQL Server in terms of performance, security, storage and even accuracy.
Join Microsoft Certified Masters, Wayne Sheffield and Jason Brimhall, as they examine numerous database design and coding implementations that they have seen over the years. They will explore these implementations and show how they can be murder on SQL Server in terms of performance, security, storage and even accuracy. You will learn how you can identify these “killers” and how you can implement alternatives that will keep data professionals, management, and end-users happy. All while keeping your databases happy, secure, turbo-charged and healthy.
Some of What we’ll be covering:
  • SQL Injection
  • Row-by-Row / Iteration / Cursors
  • Some of the many ways that Views can be abused
  • Functions: which ones you should use for better performance, and why.
  • Inherent design flaws of table variables that can lead to performance issues
  • Assumptions in the use, or lack therein, of an ORDER BY clause
  • The effects of SARG-ability on query performance and the Cardinality Estimator
  • Data Types and the effects on storage, performance, and maintenance operations
  • Explore some performance implications when using various methods in lieu of a Join
  • Various tools can also have an impact on Database performance and we will explore that too!
  • And much much more


A Masters Passport to Extended Events

by Jason Brimhall and Wayne Sheffield

As is commonly the case, all good things come to an end. And now is as good a time as any for the use of SQL Trace and Profiler to come to an end. Let’s face it, Trace was a good tool and had some wonderful uses. Profiler for that matter was a good tool and was useful at times. It is time to let those old tools retire gracefully and move into the world of XE. This full day workshop will provide you with the means to let Profiler and Trace be retired from your toolset as you discover all that XE has to offer.


This full day session on Extended Events will help prepare you to put this tool to immediate use as you walk back to your daily duties. This workshop will teach you about Extended Events starting with the basics and moving through how to create XE sessions that will get the right data for you, while doing so with minimal impact. You will be exposed to advanced troubleshooting techniques as we work through complex issues that are made easier through the use of XE. Take advantage of this opportunity to dive into the world of Extended Events and learn how you can make best use of this tool in your SQL 2008+ environment.


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