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This post is part of the series discussing the new Analytic functions in SQL Server “Denali”, CTP3. Analytic Functions in SQL Server “Denali” All of the new Analytic functions require the use of the OVER clause. To see what changes to the OVER clause that “Denali” brings, please view my article The OVER Clause enhancements in […]

♠This post is the first post in a series discussing the new Analytic functions in SQL Server “Denali”, CTP3, and it will also serve as the landing page for this series. (The information in this article may change when this version is released to RTM; however since the changes described adhere to the ANSI specification, […]

One of the things that I’m the most excited about in “Denali” CTP3 is the enhancements to the OVER clause. One of the things that I’m particular excited about is the addition of the ROWS/RANGE clause support. And one of the reasons that I’m excited about this is that this provides a supported, documented (in […]

One thing that I have seen repeatedly is that (too) many people believe that if you have a clustered index on a table, that you can run a SELECT statement without an ORDER BY clause from that table and the results will be in the order of the clustered index key. Nope, this is absolutely […]

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