Have you ever wanted to see different parts of the same query window at the same time? Well, in SSMS, it is easy-peazy to split screens! At the top of the vertical scroll bar in your query window is this splitter bar icon with two horizontal lines, and an up / down arrow from it:

Just grab that icon with your mouse and drag it down. The query window magically splits into two parts. Each part has its own vertical scroll bar, so you can position each section as desired. Even better, you can copy/paste from one section to the other!

When it’s time to revert the split screen into one, there are two ways to accomplish this. First, have the mouse hover over the horizontal bar separating the two windows until this double-arrowed mouse icon appears:

Then you have two choices. Either click and drag it back to the top (or anywhere else to just resize the two windows), or double-click it. Either will combine the two sections back to one section

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