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One of the nightmare scenarios that a SQL Saturday organizer faces is selecting a speaker that is already going to another event on the same day. The speaker can only be at one event… and the site doesn’t really help us out with letting us know about these over-committed speakers.

So, I wrote this little PowerShell script to compare your selected speakers with the speakers selected at other SQL Saturday events that are on the same day. Now, by “selected speaker”, I mean those speakers that have been approved in the “Manage Sessions” section of the admin area of your event (those sessions don’t need to be on the schedule yet). Those sessions are then visible in the XML feed that is generated. This script will load the speakers for your event into an array, and then get the sessions for all of the other SQL Saturdays. If the other event is the same day as yours, it then compares the speakers. Finally, it will output those speakers that are selected in your event that are also selected in another event (aka the over-committed speakers) and the event that they are speaking at.

This script is based upon the script that Steve Jones’ wrote, however this script loads the information directly from the web site each time that it runs. It could have used saved files (like Steve did), but this will be a bit easier to get changed speakers when either event changes the speakers that are presenting.

This script does not handle duplicate names (from a speaker presenting more than one session) at any of the events, so you may end up with duplicate output lines for a speaker.

Update: script updated on 2/9/2016 to handle > 1 duplicate speaker.

If anyone knows how to get a feed of the submitted sessions, I’ll create another script for comparing the sites for speakers that have submitted to multiple locations on the same day. I’d rather not even get to the selected phase if it can be avoided. If you know how to do this, just leave me a comment below please (or contact me directly).