After installing SSAS, using the tabular model, you receive the error “The service cannot be started: The following system error occurred:  A required privilege is not held by the client.” when trying to start the service.

Examining shows that the only security privilege needed for the SSAS service account is the “Log on as a service” privilege.

Alas, this is not accurate. When running in the tabular model mode, the service account also needs the “Increase a process working set” privilege.

In Windows, under a default installation, the local group “Users” has this privilege (which would allow any user on the system to have this privilege) as seen below:

Increase a process working set

However, many companies will lock down the security policies and remove this privilege. This is apparently a problem because there are a lot of requests on the internet for this issue. The advice generally given is to just run SSAS as an administrator – which is not a good choice, and may not be an option in your company. Now there is a solution.

I’ve filed a connect item to correct the documentation at – please consider going out there and voting for it.