I’m honored to have been selected to present two sessions at SQL Saturday #96 in our nation’s capital, Washington DC on Saturday, November 5, 2011.

The first session is in room 7091 at 1:15pm: “Table Vars and Temp Tables – What you NEED to know!” Come join me in this code filled session, where we’ll discover the differences and similarities of Temporary Tables and Table Variables, investigate some widespread myths about each, and answer the most important questions of them all, “When do I use one or the other and what are the various impacts of doing so?”

The second session is in room 5184 at 3:45pm: “Banish RBAR!” Come join me in examining several recent additions to SQL Server that can greatly improve the performance of your code. Learn how the APPLY operator works; iterate through incoming data just once with the MERGE statement; “slice and dice” your data with the Windowing (ranking) functions; re-write your multi-statement table-valued functions to inline functions to help the optimizer and speed up your queries; learn how to create a grouped delimited list – without loops! Code demos are throughout this session.

If you’re in the area, I hope to see you in one or both of these sessions!