Announcing Seattle Freecon 2017

Are you going to the PASS Summit this year? (and if not… why not?)

Are you coming in to Seattle on or before Tuesday?

Are you not attending any of the wonderful precons at the PASS Summit on Tuesday?

Then I have a great deal for you. Come attend the Seattle Freecon 2017!

Free SQL Training!

Several friends have teamed up to run a day of SQL training (while the training is free, the hotel we are using requires us to use their catering for lunch, so we are charging for lunch). Join us on Tuesday, October 31st, 2017 at the SpringHill Suites located at 1800 Yale Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101. This is about 4-5 blocks (just a bit over a half mile) from the Convention Center, so it’s just a short walk for anyone in the area. The only catch is that it starts promptly at 9am, so no late-night rebel-rousing if you want to spend your day learning!

From the speakers, we have 4 Microsoft Certified Masters (MCMs), 4 MVPs and several Friends of RedGate. These SQL Server experts are:
Jason Brimhall (blog / twitter)
Louis Davidson (blog / twitter)
Andy Leonard (blog / twitter)
Jimmy May (blog / twitter)
Gail Shaw (blog / twitter)
Wayne Sheffield (blog / twitter)

Just take a look at these speakers! Wow, what a great list! However, the speakers won’t make it a great day by themselves. While they do come close, this day is really all about the training. Topics for the day include:
Designing an SSIS Framework
What is this “SQL Inj/stuff/ection” and how does it affect me?
Parameter Sniffing and other cases of the confused optimizer
Implementing a Heirarchy in SQL Server
Two additional sessions will be announced soon (and I’ll update this page when they are).

Are you really eager to go to this now? Well, just jump over to our registration page, and sign on up! We look forward to seeing you there!