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Are you going to the PASS Summit this year? (and if not… why not?) Are you coming in to Seattle on or before Monday? Are you not attending any of the wonderful precons at the PASS Summit on Monday? Then I have a great deal for you. Free SQL Training! Several friends have teamed up […]

Rename SQL Server Sometimes you make a mistake, and forget to rename a syspred’d server before installing SQL Server. Or perhaps your corporate naming standard has changed, and you need to rename a server. Maybe you like to waste the time involved in troubleshooting connection issues after a server rename. In any case, you now […]

This post is re-published from my original post on SQL Solutions Group. I hope that you enjoy it. In my last article, I started off talking about checking various settings that make a performance difference prior to jumping into query tuning. This article continues the investigation into performance affecting settings, by jumping straight into the […]

It’s that time of the month… the time when all of the T-SQL bloggers have a party and blog about a specific topic. This month, the host is my friend Jason Brimhall (b/t). The topic that he has selected is “Sharpen Something”. Specifically, he wants us to: I am asking you to not only write […]

Service Packs and Updates One of the things that I always check on client servers is that they are running the latest service packs, for both SQL Server and for the Windows OS itself. Now, sometimes I know what the latest service pack is – but other times I don’t. Therefore, I end up spending […]

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be going on a Central Texas SQL Tour in mid-August. First up is the San Antonio SQL Saturday – I’ve been selected to be a speaker. This is really special because this is San Antonio’s first ever SQL Saturday!!! I’ll be presenting what is probably my favorite presentation – […]

This post is re-published from my original post on SQL Solutions Group. I hope that you enjoy it. When investigating a performance issue, the desired end result is already known… you need to make the queries run faster. It’s been my experience that most performance problems involve optimizing the query that is being run—sometimes the […]

Recently (okay, it went live a month ago, and I’m super-late in my blog post!), I was the guest on the podcast that Carlos Chacon of SQLDataPartners publishes. In this podcast, we talk about Table Variables and Temporary Tables (if you’ve been to one of my presentations on this topic, then you know what’s coming!). […]

It’s been a while since I’ve written a T-SQL Tuesday post, mainly because I just wasn’t inspired by the topic. And truth be told, this one was turning out to be that way also. But then today, I was wishing that SQL Server would track something that it doesn’t do, and I realized that I […]

One of the nightmare scenarios that a SQL Saturday organizer faces is selecting a speaker that is already going to another event on the same day. The speaker can only be at one event… and the site doesn’t really help us out with letting us know about these over-committed speakers. So, I wrote this little […]