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This month, T-SQL Tuesday is being hosted by Nigel Sammy. Since the RTM of SQL Server 2012 just occurred, he wants to know: “What do you think is a useful feature of SQL Server 2012?” Well, if you’ve been following my blog, then this should not be much of a surprise to you. My #1 […]

This month, Argenis Fernandez (blog, @DBArgenis) is hosting our monthly T-SQL Tuesday, and he wants to know: Are you specialized? On something? Or anything at all? Has that been a good or a bad thing? Why? I do specialize, in SQL Server, in development and administration areas. Why I decided to specialize My decision to […]

There is something wrong in the SQL force today… here it is the first Tuesday of a month, and we’re doing a T-SQL Tuesday. There was another recent disturbance in the SQL force when we had a T-SQL Wednesday. Oh my, the SQL force is having a lot of recent disturbances. The good news is […]