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In this brave, new world of Extended Events (XE, XEvents), I find myself with a mixture of scripts for troubleshooting issues – some use XE, and some use traces. We’ve all been told that XE is a much better system (it is much more lightweight, causing less of an issue with the server). In fact, […]

Today is yet another T-SQL Tuesday – the monthly blogging party started by Adam Machanic (b|t) to get everyone in the SQL Server blogosphere together and to blog about a topic. Today’s party is hosted by none other than Matt Gordon (b|t), and the topic that he has chosen for us to blog about is […]

On the second Tuesday of each month, the SQL Server universe all comes together to blog about a topic. Known as T-SQL Tuesday and started by Adam Machanic (Blog | @AdamMachanic), this month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic is hosted by friend and fellow MCM Brent Ozar. The theme that Brent has chosen for this month is […]

It’s that time of the month… the time when all of the T-SQL bloggers have a party and blog about a specific topic. Unfortunately, it’s been a few months since I’ve written a T-SQL Tuesday post. I’m hopeful that I can use this post to get back in the groove and participate in this monthly […]

It’s been a while since I’ve written a T-SQL Tuesday post, mainly because I just wasn’t inspired by the topic. And truth be told, this one was turning out to be that way also. But then today, I was wishing that SQL Server would track something that it doesn’t do, and I realized that I […]

Well, here it is the second Tuesday of the month – which means that it’s time for yet another T-SQL Tuesday… The time when the T-SQL blogosphere goes wild and all of the bloggers write a blog post about a topic near and dear to the heart of the host for the month. This monthly […]

Earlier this month, I hosted the 61st occurrence of the monthly TSQL-Tuesday blogging party. With a topic of “Giving Back”, it had a great turnout (27 party-goers). As I read through all of their posts, I noticed that many are planning to give back in pretty predictable ways – but there are some pretty surprising […]

A little over 5 years ago, Adam Machanic (B|T) had this great idea of getting everyone in the SQL Community to all blog about a specific topic on the second Tuesday of the month. This monthly “blogging party” has a host, aka party organizer, that decides the theme. It has evolved: it goes by the […]

The Season of Giving The annual PASS Summit (otherwise known as the #SQLFamily reunion) is over. Here in the United States, we have just finished celebrating Thanksgiving, where the average person consumes more calories in two hours than what they need for a week. And we are entering the season (that has now been active […]

Well, here it is again. The second Tuesday of the month, which means that it’s T-SQL Tuesday. T-SQL Tuesday… that wonderful monthly blogging party started by Adam Machanic (Blog | @AdamMachanic). The intent is to get the entire SQL Community together on a monthly basis to blog about a common theme – to get each […]