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The Scenario: You just restored a production database on a development server. You’ve told the developers that it’s restored, and you start to relax in your chair. 30 milli-seconds later, your phone is ringing… the developers can’t connect to the database that you just restored. You check the server, and the login exists. You check […]

SQL Server 2012 introduces several new date/time functions that allow you to build a date/time from the individual parts of a date/time value. As I was experimenting with them, I was thinking that this is pretty neat, and bound to be very useful. And then I started wondering how well it performed. Before I had […]

One thing that I have seen repeatedly is that (too) many people believe that if you have a clustered index on a table, that you can run a SELECT statement without an ORDER BY clause from that table and the results will be in the order of the clustered index key. Nope, this is absolutely […]