SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS ) is a program that many just launch daily (or only when they restart their computer), and they use it to navigate to various SQL Servers to manage them, either through the GUI or through a query. I’ve found that most people are just not aware of all that SSMS can do to help you be more productive. Therefore, I’m going to be posting a SSMS tip or trick daily for the month of January.

During this month-long blog series, I’ll show many tips that SSMS can do that will help you improve your productivity. These tips do not require any third-party tools. I’ll be using this post as a landing page for the series, and I’ll be updating it daily. So, come back every day to get your next SSMS tips fix. To make it even easier, you can use this link to return to this page: bit.ly/MonthOfSSMS.

Day One: SSMS Solutions
Day Two: Split Screens
Day Three: Tab Groups
Day Four: Pinned Tabs
Day Five: Working with Query Files
Day Six: Vertical Scroll Bar Map Mode
Day Seven: Template Variables
Day Eight: SQLCMD Mode
Day Nine: Multi-Server Queries
Day Ten: Regular Expressions
Day Eleven: Block Select/Replace
Day Twelve: Changing case
Day Thirteen: The SSMS Super Clipboard
Day Fourteen: Object Explorer Drag-N-Drop
Day Fifteen: Query Shortcuts in SSMS
Day Sixteen: Assign a keyboard shortcut to menu items
Day Seventeen: Add color to connections
Day Eighteen: Template Explorer
Day Nineteen: Use Snippets in SSMS to insert blocks of code
Day Twenty: Object Explorer Filtering