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If you utilize the sa login to perform admin chores (instead of selected windows accounts with windows authentication only), then you should periodically change the sa passwords. And these passwords should be different on each server. So, how do you want to do this: log in to each server, navigate to the server logins, and change the sa password… or run a PowerShell script to connect to each server and change it according to a list?

That’s what I thought. Let’s make a PowerShell script.

We’ll start off by creating a delimited text file. At your PowerShell prompt, enter:

In the file that opens up, on the first line put ServerName and Pwd, separated by the delimiter of your choice (ie. “|”). On subsequent lines, enter each Server\Instance name, the chosen delimiter, and the sa password to use on that server.

Finally, run the following script to change all of those passwords:

This script could easily be modified to handle any login on multiple servers:

This script checks to see if the login exists on the server, and then changes the login’s password to the value specified. Both the servers and passwords are read in from the file.