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Wow, what a month. On March 22, 2014, the SQL Saturday train came into Richmond VA (RVA). I was one of the organizers of the event, and what a ride we had. The rough part of the ride started off earlier in the week. A freak spring snowstorm rolled through the region. Richmond was spared, […]

There’s a new SQL Server user group starting up over in Lynchburg, VA. It’s first meeting is February 27, 2014 (6pm-8pm), and I’m honored to be presenting there for their kickoff meeting. I’ll be presenting “Table Vars & Temp Tables – What you NEED to Know!” Visit http://lynchburg.sqlpass.org/ for more info (abstract, directions) and to […]

On the second Tuesday of each month, the SQL Server universe all comes together to blog about a topic. Known as T-SQL Tuesday and started by Adam Machanic (Blog | @AdamMachanic), this month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic is hosted by friend and fellow MCM Jason Brimhall (@sqlrnnr) and he wants us to blog about bets. Specifically, […]

I’ve been using SQL Prompt for years. In September 2013, version 6 was released (quickly followed by 6.1 in late September and 6.2 in December ), so I thought I would highlight some of the new features available in it. So lets start off with a table to show the new features and what version […]

I was recently investigating an issue that stemmed from a database being in the recovery_pending state. A quick investigation through the SQL logs showed that the server had restarted earlier that morning, and that this instance is running on a cluster. Assuming that this is probably just a timing issue, I decided to try to […]

I was recently just letting my mind wander. As it’s prone to do, all sorts of things just entered into it. Things like: It’s a wonderful time of the year. Lot’s of places I’m going to with #sqllearning potential. There’s a lot of resolutions I need to work on. Considering how well I did with […]

Previously, I posted a list of interview questions that I ask job candidates. This post is about the questions that I ask when I am the candidate. (Remember that interviews are two way – you are interviewing the company to see if you want to work for them just as much as they are interviewing […]

Now, why in the world would I be asking a question like this? Well, in BOL (BACKUP) is this little blurb: CHECKSUM Specifies that the backup operation will verify each page for checksum and torn page, if enabled and available, and generate a checksum for the entire backup. This is the default behavior for a […]

So here it is, the second Tuesday of the month. This means that it is time for our favorite Tuesday activity – the SQL world-wide blogging party know as T-SQL Tuesday. The brainchild of Adam Machanic, this is an event where for 24 hours, SQL bloggers will blog about a topic selected by an individual. […]

I was looking into a failed job on a SQL Server 2008R2 instance. My first step was to check the history of the job, to see why it failed: Okay, this is interesting. The job did fail, but the only step to run succeeded. Hmm, let me look at what the job is doing: The […]